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The house I grew up in.
Red, rarely painted.
Surrounded by grass
and a matching fence.

Where we had that strange oven
to put our shoes on.
Having hot feet in the winter
and a wet floor where the snow melted.

Living room
Watching Finding Nemo for the first time
on that laptop I loved.
Endless hours of silence in front of the TV.
That morning he hit me over the head
with a wet towel
because we hadn't done the dishes.

Dining room
The room that was a mess
except for at Christmas and Easter.
Always the same seating arrangement,
me sitting beside him.

How I always wanted to love tea,
but never did.
My cat sitting by the window spying on the birds.
A garden filled with snow.

The same seating arrangement,
but smaller table;
elbows forced to touch.
My excuses to get away.

His office
Never being allowed in.
His weekend alcoholism.
And that one time I stole an entire bottle of vodka.

Falling down and losing my breath,
telling my mom I don't want to die.
My talent for not making a sound
walking up and down the stairs.
Being invisible.

That time I convinced myself that
smoking before showering
is a good idea to not get caught.
It wasn't.

Laying on the warm floor
listening to the radio at night.
Door locked.
Just in case.
Ultimate peace.

Parents' room
A ceiling filled with knotholes.
Sleeping on a mattress next to my mom,
my hand in pain after burning it on a lamp.
Keeping secrets.

The room with no name
Books. 80's porn on VHS.
A collection of rings I never got to try on.
That MacGyver episode with Bigfoot in it.
Videogames and hitting the old TV,
always worried it might explode.

Her room
An Indiana Jones game on an old computer.
Dinosaur-border and colorful rain.
Where I first told someone
I loved them.

My room
Pink. Blue. Gray.
Books. Music. The feeling of
being an alien.
Creativity. Pain. Disrespect.

All the times I wondered what would happen
if I jumped out of my window,
falling 12 feet to the ground.
Sometimes my feelings pop up and take the shape of words.
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JesNES Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This is the most emotional piece of writing I have ever had the privilege of reading. For two reasons:

1) The disparity between each emotion I felt. Working my way through the poem, line by line, I smiled, reminisced, felt anger, nervousness, and sadness, among others. It's a unique experience to feel all of these within a short-time frame.

2) The depth of each of the feelings that emerged from inside me. Especially rage and melancholy. I can't stand to think of some of the things you had to go through. I felt scared at times, wanting so desperately to save you, and others I just couldn't hold it together; tears flowing down my cheeks. I had to put my hand up to my face and just breathe for a bit before I could continue reading any further, drying my eyes the best I could.

Not only was your writing so good at drawing these feelings from me, but I wanted to also state how brilliant it was to separate the segments of the house into their own stanzas. It actually gives the poem an even more vivid feeling of being given a tour of your childhood home and the memories you've brought with you, room-by-room. 

How do I say "Thank You!" but infinite? That's what I'd tell you for sharing this amazing piece of art. I'm completely humbled and in awe of your talents you've displayed here, Kristine. :heart:
Kdv42 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Funny how I wrote that poem in an hour, yet it takes me nearly three days to reply to this.

I mean...I have no words that can express how thankful I am for your comment! 
Seriously, Jesse... Thank you so much :heart:

I kind of also suspect that being from the same stardust makes you feel my words deeper than others might. But I love that you do either way. :heart: 
JesNES Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm the same! I have no problems producing a poem/writing/etc, but when it comes to giving what I feel is a proper response to someone that I believe in my heart of hearts deserves only the best, it can be quite the process. This was an superb piece that (I have no idea how it only took you an hour, wow!) I take very seriously, so much so that I made sure to craft as good a response as I could (though I still feel I could've done better.)

You're welcome, Kristine. :heart: My comment is just (as you put it) a manifestation of my feelings being put into written text. :heart:

I really do feel a deep connection with you...maybe it really is a deep space connection? Every word you write is absolute treasure to me, with the ability to produce both laughter and tears and more so super easily...I have no qualms with this theory. :heart:
Kdv42 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
(Okay, okay, gonna actually answer this now!)
Thank you, again! Every compliment you give me means so much to me, since it's coming from my favorite person ever! :heart:
Should also add that I love your writing (you know that though), I find your imagination to be so spectacular. No idea how you can make something so great in so little time (like 8 minutes).

We definitely have a space connection! :heart: 
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September 11, 2016


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